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Did you know that you spend approximately one-third of your life in your bedroom? While most of it might be for sleeping, your bedroom is also where you go to relax and unwind. However, with the rest of your home to keep clean, your professional life to worry about, and your kids to look after, it can also be the room that gets put last on the list when it comes to keeping your home tidied up. Aside from the aesthetic side of having a clean bedroom, there’s also your wellbeing to consider. A dirty room can attract mites, make sleeping and working uncomfortable, cause unneeded stress, and all together make life miserable. If your bedroom is in need of some TLC, why not consider using a bedroom cleaning service
  • How is Services Now Services
    How is Services Now's Deep Cleaning Service
    Day-to-day cleaning is limited to sweeping and mopping where one tends to ignore the crevices, corners or under furniture. Your home needs a deep cleaning to get rid of germs, dirt and pesky stains. Periodic deep cleaning will improve the hygiene levels. Our endeavor is to give your home a spa-like treatment, with the help of professionally trained crew, equipped with state of the art machinery and eco-friendly chemicals Our cleaning teams are fully trained, highly motivated and professionally presented so as to create the right image for you and your business. We understand that first impressions really do matter and at we clean we fully grasp the importance of delivering a clean and presentable office
  • Duration of Cleaners Service
    What is the duration of Deep Cleaning Services
    Deep cleaning of a regular apartment takes 6-8 hours however the duration varies with the size of the apartment and the amount of dirt. Deep Cleaning is an extensive service however major exclusions are sofa shampooing, utensil cleaning, cleaning the interiors of the kitchen appliances & personal wardrobes, chandeliers & clearing of construction debri. You can however book some of these services separately - like Sofa Shampooing, & Mattress steaming
  • Included Cleaners Service
    What services are not included
    Deep Cleaning is an extensive service however major exclusions are sofa shampooing, utensil cleaning, cleaning the interiors of the kitchen appliances & personal wardrobes, chandeliers & clearing of construction debri. You can however book some of these services separately - like Sofa Shampooing, & Mattress steaming.At Molly Maid, we believe that the best way to catch a break is to schedule home cleaning services that save you time, energy, and stress. Your home should feel like an escape from the pressures of everyday life and we’re proud to help you make that possible.
  • Office Cleaning
    The Right Office Cleaners & Basis
    The right individual cleaner or team will be selected, and this will all be at the best price and basis. For ongoing instructions we can agree just the right type and timing of payments, to make sure things run smoothly from now onwards.We realise the importance of the correctly vetted cleaners in business and office environments, therefore all compliance tick-boxes can be checked and completed where necessary. These of course need to accommodate the unique requirements of any client and office premises, for example Data Protection issues and access arrangements.
  • Easy Cleaners Domestic
    Domestic Residential Cleaners
    You can check out our full range of 14 cleaning services, which nearly all apply to domestic houses all around Birmingham. For your personal home, it can be a quick Mini Clean to freshen up, or a fuller Spring Clean and General Clean.The majority of our clients who want any initial one-off service soon take the opportunity to keep us on an ongoing basis, whether weekly or fortnightly, or whatever times and frequencies fit around your needs and times.
  • Corporate Business Clean
    Corporate Business Clean - Easy Cleaners
    Like any professional cleaning service we, of course, offer a comprehensive corporate business clean at your premises. Unlike others, here at Easy Cleaners we don’t just have a one-size-fits-all approach for a our customers, but we always craft our services around just what clients need, every time. As professional cleaners, we ensure that our cleaners operate within the health and safety guidelines as laid out by the relevant place of business, and make sure these are communicated and documented for any audit, facilities management, and compliance purposes.
  • Spring Cleaning
    Spring Cleaning in Birmingham Made Easy
    Whether you’re literally just preparing for the spring season in the year, or you’re ready at anytime for that extra-mile clean of your home or business, as local cleaners in Birmingham we’re here to make it happen easily. Where general and quick cleans stop, our Spring Clean goes further. Not only are the basics covered, but all those extra nooks and crannies that don’t normally get covered, so it not only looks immaculate but you have peace of mind that everything is nice and clean. Spring cleans are popular for domestic properties, whether your own private home or you have a let or holiday property that needs the special touch. They can even make a great gift for someone, and the offer of us to fully clean things up for them.
  • End of Tenancy Cleaning
    End of Tenancy Cleaning Made Easy
    As local cleaners we can immediately respond to all forms of end of tenancy cleaning in Birmingham and the surrounding area, whether that’s a straight forward apartment, a larger period property, or even commercial and business premises. We know how essential it is to get these right, and on time. Whatever interest you hold, we can help this cleaning-up exercise as one tenant leaves and another is about to arrive. This is often for landlords and property owners direct, or their appointed managing agents and estate agents eager to progress with re-lettings. It can also be for tenants direct, often the one who is preparing to vacate and wants us to take the strain away from handing back the property spik and span, but we can work with new incoming tenants as well to help prepare for their use.
  • Party Cleaning
    Event and After Party Cleaning
    Don’t panic if your home or business looks a mess after your special event or party! We’re here to make any event cleaning after after- or pre-party cleaning in the Birmingham and West Midlands area nice and easy for you. There is maybe a house party to clear up after a special time with friends and family, or more corporate event such as sporting events or even weddings. We can help select the right bespoke cleaner just for your requirements.
  • Builders Cleaning
    Builders Cleaning in Just Got Easy
    Our builders cleaning service in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands will help bring your area back to standard after any form of building or construction works. Unfortunately the aftermath of dust and dirt from any form of works can be far worse than what you expect, and any normal clean simply not able to cut the mustard and help rid the mess! As Birmingham based cleaners we therefore make it easy for you. Whether a quick clean-up after some DIY jobs, or more in depth and on-going cleaning during and after major building and extension works. We’re hear to make the cleaning-up easy and effortless, leaving you to enjoy the finished building works.
  • Window Cleaners
    Finding Window Cleaners in Just Got Easy!
    Unlike most other window cleaning Birmingham companies that prefer to focus on just a few key indoor cleaning services, at Easy Cleaners we help provide and arrange other services, including window cleaning. And we know this is a specialised area, whether it’s a large commercial building for all the outside windows, or a routine inside-and-out for your home. Which is why we will make sure the right individual cleaner is selected for you, right down to it fitting in with your schedule. This is for both our regular general cleaners who can help with straightforward tasks, or more specialists’ window cleaning Birmingham based ones who we can arrange for you.