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Colors TV
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When it comes to fixing your CRT TV set, you want only the best technician working on your appliance. An amateur TV technician might not have the necessary set of skills your CRT TV repair. In an attempt to fix your CRT TV, they might even cause it more damage. This is one thing you will not have to worry about when it comes to hiring a professional TV repair company. At ServiceTree we provide experienced CRT TV technician, our service costs are very competitive.
  • Service Cost
    What is the TV service cost in Chennai
    TV service cost vary based on TV and problem, so at ServiceTree keep the inspection charge as very low at Rs.149/-, Once technician inspect the TV, you will get the quote for TV service. For complete TV service charges please check the price list.
  • Repairing
    Basic Electronics Repairing
    After completion of this course, the learner will be able to repair and maintain power supply, inverter and UPS. This course covers the basics of electricity and electronics and provides detailed theoritical and practical explanations of several key electronic components. This course is mapped to the Government of India Modular Employability Skills course with code no. ELC101.
  • CRT TV
    CRT TV Color Patches Problem Solved
    A friend of mine called me concerning his CRT TV problem. The complaint was about not getting proper color on the TV screen. I went to his place and checked the TV and I found it was color patches problem. The color was uneven as seen from the below picture.